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Ik hou van het volgen van fitgirls op instagram. Maar vaak kan ik mij niet helemaal identificeren met super slanke en gespierde dames. In plaats van gemotiveerd word ik vaak geërgerd omdat het van mij allemaal niet zo op die manier hoeft. Omdat ik weet dat ik hierin niet de enige ben deel ik met jullie mijn favoriete (curvy) fitgirls.

1. Iskara Lawrence

2. Blogilates

The truth why people don’t like working out? They’re scared. They’re intimidated. They’re shy. 😕 It is OUR DUTY to show our friends and family that fitness can be fun and it can actually be something you can fall in ❤️ with! So…this summer, I need us all to be on a MISSION to get everyone moving. 👟👟 I’m hosting the biggest ☀️summer fitness party☀️ and you’re invited! And I want you to bring a +1. Every day STARTING TODAY I will be giving away 1 Android Wear smartwatch – it can count calories burned, distance run, steps taken, plus…you can talk to it! SO COOL. 👍 I wear mine everyday to see how hard I’m going during #PIIT28! That’s 30 winners and 30 watches y’all and they’re up for grabs as long as you’re willing to show me that you’ve moving every day! All the info is on ✨whatsyourmove.com✨ (link in bio) POPsters, let’s make this a true movement and get everyone excited about it! Comment below if you’re in!!!! #whatsyourmove #blogilates

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3. Nicole Meija

Back in Miami after a quick and successful yet absolutely exhausting trip to LA. The 5 hour flight can be brutal on my body so I try to stay as active as I can on the plane without annoying the hell out of my neighbor.🙊 Sitting for long periods of time, especially with the legs bent and immobile can cause circulatory complications, stiffness and swelling. Here are a few of my in flight tips and stretches to keep the blood flowing and achy knees at bay: – Drink as much water as you typically do! The more you drink, the more you pee. The more you pee, the more you move! – Stay away from processed salty food. (well you should always stay away from it but especially on a flight!) The excess sodium coupled with the change in pressure causes water retention. – Every hour or so, straighten your legs as much as possible in a seated position then point and flex your feet for 20 reps. – After your feet are flexed, hug both knees to your chest and round the back. If you can’t do both legs at the same time, hold one leg for 10 seconds, then switch. – Then, do 10 shoulder shrugs and 10 neck circles – Grasp the hands together then lift your arms in the air and into a stretch while seated. Reach tall and do a slight body bend to the right and left. These stretches are simple and discrete enough so that you get all the benefits but refrain from being that guy” hitting the quad stretch or the toe touch in the middle of the isle.😅 #hgibrightideas @hiltongardeninn

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4. Teni (Fitbeauty)

5.  Estelle Archer

B A L A N C E. fill your heart so you can share with others.

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